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Ribbon heaters are thin, flexible heating elements typically made of metal alloys. They are used for various applications, such as heating surfaces, maintaining temperature, or providing localized heat in industrial and residential settings.

Kalka Heater’s state-of-the-art Ribbon Heaters let you harness the power of heat like never before. Our Ribbon Heaters are the ideal solution for small industrial high-temperature furnaces because they are engineered to produce the most heat per square inch. Our Ribbon Heaters provide remarkable heat distribution across all surfaces, including ceilings, walls, and floors, thanks to two rows of painstakingly created heating elements hanging in the refractory tile.

We put performance and dependability first at Kalka Heater. Even in the most demanding industrial conditions, our Ribbon Heaters will remain functioning for a very long time since they are made of high-quality materials. Our dedication to personalization, which recognises that every furnace has particular requirements, is what makes us stand out. We provide a variety of configurable choices so you can create a Ribbon Heater that is specifically suited to your needs.


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1. Control and consistency of temperature
2. Stocked accessories, including insulators, hooks, and pins
3. Requires little upkeep
4. Simple substitution

1. Extreme Heat 115°C – 2100°F
2. Stocked sizes in 35Ni-19Cr are available
3. Stocked sizes in 80Ni-20Cr are available.
4. Regulated thermal expansion
5. Designed to suit the refractory in your furnace (any size, shape, and kilowatt rating)

Get in touch with us for all your inquiries and needs.

Get in touch with us for all your inquiries and needs.

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